Format, Rules, Handicaps, Tee-Times 

- The tournament will be an individual STABLEFORD for the four rounds.
- Played with 100% of the handicap.
- Net Par: 2pts / Net Birdie: 3pts / Net Eagle: 4 pts / Net Boguey: 1 pt.
- Net Double Bogueys or Others: NO POINTS.
- Once the ball has NO points, must be picked-up for the "speed of play"
- The four rounds will be considered to determine the winner.
- The winning score will be the lowest net for 72 holes.
- No mulligans or gimmies are permitted; all the balls must be holed.


The Rules
- The Event will be governed by the rules of the R&A, the only exceptions being those areas where local rules apply.
- The on-site tournament referee will have final say on all matters relating to the rules and the scoring format.
- If due to the inclement weather one or more rounds are suspended, two complete golf rounds will be needed to determine a winner.

Handicaps & Categories
- Each player will need to prove through a printed or on-line certificate its handicap according to the correspoding Golf Association.
- The handicaps will be verified within a month in advance of the event.
- A maximum handicap of 36 is allowed.
- Those players who cannot demonstrate its official hc will be able to play, but in the last tee-times and will not participate of the competition.
- Categories: 0-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-36 are possible categories; however this may be adjusted once the list of players is complete. The idea is to have a   similar number of participants in all categories making it more fair.
- Tee Boxes: Each player will play from the corresponding tee-box at each particular course, according to its handicap.

Groups & Tee Times
- The courses will be closed on that day only for our event.
- The golfers will play in group of 4 players (that is 4 golfers per line, or tee-time).
- Simultaneously teeing off will be used (shotgun format).
- In the case we have more than 100 golfers, two shotguns will be used. One early in the morning (8:00am to 12:30 pm), and a second one in the afetrnoon   (13:30 to 18:00). In that part of the year sunset is at 8:30 pm.
- If a double shotgun per day is necessary, all players will play two times in the morning and two times in the afternoon giving the same chances to everybody.


Declared as of  "Regional Tourist Interest" by the Tourism Bureau of Buenos Aires Province